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Puresoulie´s Set Sale List

70's, Crossover, Modern Soul 

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The grading is for the vinyl only. Some records have sound files. Please click on the song to listen to it. Don´t hesitate to mail me for additional sound files.


Artist Side A Side B Label Condition Price Comments
21st Century You're My only World Remember the Rain? RCA 10201 vg+ Euro 5  
5 Wagers Come and Ask Me Instrumental Tiara 4741 vg++ Euro 12  
A Tint of Darkness I'm Leaving Goodbye Elvis Xclusive 104 m- Euro 7  
A.C. Tilmon and The Detroit Emeralds Set it out I'm Qualified Westbound 226 vg++/ ex+ Euro 24  
AD& G Check out Your Friends The Great Performer Denine 5001 vg++ Euro 20 ring wear on both sides
Al Hudson & Soul Partners If You feel like Dancin' If You Get Caught ABC 12317 vg++ Euro 3  
Al Hudson & Soul Partners We Must Make it Happen Love Is Atco 7044 vg+/ vg++ Euro 25  
Al Hudson & Soul Partners Alone She's Gone My Number One Need Atco 7011 vg++ Euro 10  
Al Hudson & Soul Partners When You're Gone I've Been Loving You too Long Atco 7037 vg+ Euro 30 ring wear on both sides
Al Johnson I'm back for more You Are my Personal Angel Columbia 11207 vg++ Euro 8  
Al Perkins Yes, My Goodness Yes I Fall in Love again Buddah 575 m- Euro 15  
Al Perkins  Ain't Nothing Impossible with Love Need to Belong Atco 6820 vg++ Euro 6  
Al Perkins  Just the One So Long Atco 6717 vg+/ vg++ Euro 7 ring wear on both sides
Al Wilson Show and Tell Listen to Me Rocky Road 30073 vg+ Euro 3  
Angela Shaw Stranger in a Strange Land I'm Falling in Love with You tonight Kapri 2524 m- Euro 20  
Annette Snell You Oughta Be Here with Me  Footprints on My Mind Dial 1023 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4  
Apollos I wasn't Born (Til the Day I Met You) When You Love Somebody Colossus 103 ex+ Euro 15  
Arlene Bell It Ain't Easy Love  Ain't Supposed To Be Like  Velvet 21 m- Euro 20  
Arthur Prysock All I Need Is You Tonight When Love Is New Old Town 1000 ex+ Euro 6 light ring wear (rub) on both sides
Barbara Acklin Stop, Look & Listen Lady, Lady, Lady Brunswick 55465 vg++ Euro 6 ring wear on both sides
Barbara Acklin I Did It I'm Living with a Memory Brunswick 55440 vg++ Euro 4 light ring wear on both sides; side B: vg+/ vg++
Barbara Hall You Brought It on Yourself Drop My Heart off the Door IV2 9162 ex+ Euro 30 green label
Barbara Jean English Comin' or Goin' Love's Appartment Alithia 6059 m- Euro 18  
Barbara Lewis Ask the Lonely Why Did It Take You so Long? Enterprise 9027 vg+ Euro 12 ring wear on both sides and sol on side A
Barbara Lynn Nice & Easy I'm a One Man Woman Atlantic 2853 vg++ Euro 14  
Barbara Pennington Twenty-Four Hours a Day mono UA 928 vg++ Euro 5 promotion copy; ring wear on both sides
Barrett Strong Love Is You Make me Feel the Way I Do Coup 2007 vg++ Euro 10  
Barrino Brothers Try it, You'll Like it I Had it All Invictus 9121 vg++ Euro 7 wol on side A
Barrino Brothers Born on the Wild Instrumental Invictus 1256 ex+ Euro 15 promotion copy
BB King I Like to Live the Love Love ABC 11406 vg++ Euro 4  
Betty Bibbs Who's Gonna Take Care of me? The Story of my Life Saxy 500 vg+ Euro 7  
Betty Everett Prove It I'm a Woman Fantasy 667 m- Euro 4  
Betty Lavette You're a Man of Words, I'm a … Behind Closed Doors Epic 50177 vg++ Euro 10  
Betty Wright Girls Can't Do What The Guys    Sweet Lovin' Daddy Alston 4569 vg++ Euro 8  
Betty Wright I Love the Way You Love When We Get together again Alston 4594 vg++ Euro 5 ring wear on both sides
Bettye Swann Victim of a Foolish Heart Cold Day (in Hell) Atlantic 2869 vg++ Euro 5 ring wear on both sides
Big Jessie Williams I Love You so Woman Don't Be no Fool Soul Ave. 3742 vg+ Euro 7 ring wear and wol on both sides
Bill Harris Uptown Saturday Night Part 2 WB 8021 vg++ Euro 4  
Billy Butler She's Got Me Singing Feel the Magic Curtom 120 ex+ Euro 5 small wol on side A
Billy Harner Rags to Riches Any more Paramount 79 vg++ Euro 12 white promotion copy; ring wear on both sides
Black Ice Girl, that's what I Call Love Making Love in the Rain Amherst 706 vg++ Euro 5  
Black Velvet Look ahead I Shall Be Released Okeh 7322 m- Eurp 20 small label damages on both sides
Blacksmoke (Your Love Has Got me) Screamin' You Needn't Worry now Chocolate City 3 vg+ Euro 3  
Bobby Wilson Here Is where the Love Is Anything (That You Want) Chain 2101 vg++ Euro 6  
Bobby Womack Secrets If You Think You're Lonely now Beverly Glen 2000 vg++ Euro 5  
Bobby Womack Nobody Wants You when … I'm through Trying to Prove My … UA 255 vg++ Euro 5  
Bobby Womack Baby, You Oughta Think it over California Dreamin Minit 32055 m- Euro 8  
Bobby Womack & Brotherhood Standing in the Safety Zone A Change Is Gonna Come Columbia 10493 ex+ Euro 4 label stamped on side A; small wol on side B
Boby Franklin What ever's Your Sign Long Version Babylon 1123 vg++ Euro 4  
Bonnie & Clyde We Need each others Love Temperature Rise Crush  vg+/ vg++ Euro 8  
Brenda & Albert Talking about Loving You This Has Happened before Clarama 1200 vg++ Euro 7  
Brenda & Tabulations Lies Lies Lies And my Heart Sang (Tra la La) Top & Bottom 403 vg++ Euro 6 ring wear and wol on both sides
Brick Good High Music Matic Mainstreet 119 vg++ Euro 5  
Brighter Side of Darkness Love Jones I'm the Guy 20th Century 2002 vg++ Euro 3  
Brighter Side of Darkness Oh Baby Because I Love You Star-vue 1028 vg++ Euro 12 ring wear on both sides and wol on side B
Brown Sugar Loneliness mono Chelsea 0125 D vg++ Euro 5  
Brown Sugar One Way Street Called Love Somebody Stronger Abkco 5001 vg++ Euro 7  
Bunny & Cindy Sure Didn't Take Long We're only Human Neptune 15 ex+ Euro 6 light ring wear on both sides
C.C. & Company Daydreamer Would You Believe it? Westbound 5016 vg+ Euro 3 ring wear on both sides
Calvin Arnold Satisfy my Woman You'll Do it IX Chains 7009 vg++ Euro 5 wol on both sides
Cane Black Hold on to What You Got Sometimes Okeh 7318 ex+ Euro 10 white promotion copy; light ring wear (rub) on both sides
Carl Carlton The Generation Gap Where Have You Been Back Beat 624 ex+ Euro 12  
Carl Carlton You Can't Stop a Man in Love You Times me plus Love ABC 11378 vg++ Euro 8  
Carl Davis & Chi-Sound Orchestra Show me the Way to Love Windy City Theme Chisound 904 ex+ Euro 35 small wol on both sides
Carl Graves Baby, Hang Up The Phone  Walk Softly  A & M 1620 vg++/ ex+ Euro 8  
Carmen Lindsay Shadows of My Mind Instrumental Pesante 745 ex+ Euro 12  
Carol Anderson You've Got it Coming Party People Morning Glory 101 vg++ Euro 7  
Carol Anderson One Man's Woman We've Got Enough Soul O Sonic 501 vg+/ vg++ Euro 6 ring wear on both sides
Carol Anderson Tomorrow Is not a Promise One Woman's World Soul O Sonic 500 vg+ Euro 10 ring wear on both sides
Carolyn Crawford Good and Plenty mono PIR 3580 vg++ Euro 5 white promotion copy
Carolyn Veal Don't the Good Book Say We're Brothers Your Love Is like a Chain around My Heart Phil-La 353 vg+/ vg++ Euro 14 ring wear and wol on both sides
Cassietta George Everything Is Beautiful Take Hil with You Audio Arts 60021 vg++ Euro 8  
Center Stage Everyday's a Fantasy Are you there? RCA 527 vg+/ vg++ Euro 10 ring wear on both sides; wol on side B
Center Stage Everyday Is a Fantasy I Hear the Music Marc 7845 vg+/ vg++ Euro 24 ring wear and wol on side B
Charles Beverly Don't You Want a Man Like Me Hollywood Vanessa 202 ex+ Euro 10  
Charles Montgomery You and me I Don't Think Ladera 1929 vg++ Euro 30  
Charles Whitehead Between the Lines Predicament #3 Stone Dogg 703 vg+/ vg++ Euro 15 ring wear on both sides; small wol on side A
Charles Wright (Well I'm) Doin' what Cums Naturally Part 2 Dunhill 4364 vg++ Euro 5  
Charlie Hodges I'll never Fall in Love again Same Calla 176 D m- Euro 5  
Chi-Lites Stoned out of my Mind Someone Elses Arms Brunswick 55500 vg++/ ex+ Euro 5  
Chi-Lites Love Uprising I Want to Pay You back Brunswick 55458 vg++ Euro 5  
Chi-Lites  Living in the Footsteps of another Man  We Need Order  Brunswick 55489  vg++ Euro 8  
Chuck Bernard Everybody's Got their own Thing Got to Get a Hold of yourself Zodiac 1050 vg++ Euro 10 label damaged on both sides
Chuck Jackson Just a Little Tear I Can't Break away ABC 11398 vg++/ ex+ Euro 15  
Chuck Jackson I've Got the Need Beautiful Woman All Platinum 6146310 vg++ Euro 8  
Chuck Strong Why Do You Make me Cheat on You It's a Matter of Life an Death Team 1015 vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Chymes My Baby's Gone away Where I Come from Down to Earth 71 vg++ Euro 7  
Clarence Carter Mother-In-Law Sixty Minute Man Fame XW250 vg++ Euro 6  
Clarence Yarbrough Give Me some Slack That's What You Do to Me Coconut 005 vg++ Euro 30 light ring wear (rub) on both sides
Classic Sullivans Paint Yourself in the Corner I Don't Want to Lose You Kwanza 7678 ex+ Euro 10 label damged on side B
Cliff Nobles This Feeling of Loneliness stereo Roulette 7142 vg+/ vg++ Euro 7 white promotion copy
Cody Black Stop Trying to Do what You See … Ain't no Love like Your Love Capitl 2858 vg++/ ex+ Euro 18  
Coke Escovedo Why Can't we Be Lovers No One to depend on Mercury 73709 vg++ Euro 15  
Cold Water Flat Prestige Symbol Push My Baby Outburst 104 vg++ Euro 18 ring wear on both sides
Commotions Bad Things Happen to me Somebody's Got to Go Capitol 2471 vg+ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Continental 4 What You Gave Up  Day By Day  Jay-Walking 011 ex+ Euro 10  
Continental 4 The Love You Gave to Me How Can I Pretend Jay-Walking 013 vg+ Euro 5  
Continental 4 Don't Leave Me Baby  I Need A True Love  Jay-Walking 014 vg++ Euro 10  
Continental 4 Heaven Must Have Sent You  Running Away (from Love)  Jay-Walking 015 vg++ Euro 8  
Continental 4 Take A Little Time (to Know   Escape From Planet Earth  Jay-Walking 017 D ex+ Euro 5  
Continental 4 The Way I Love You I Don't Have to Jay-Walking 9 vg++ Euro 18 wol on side B
Controllers Feeling a Feeling Somebody's Gotta Win Juana 3414 vg++ Euro 6  
Controllers Heaven Is only One Step away Sho Nuff a Belssin Juana 3416 vg++ Euro 4  
Controllers Gunning for Love We Don't  Juana 3426 vg+ Euro 3 ring wear on both sides
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Treat Her like a Lady Over at My Place UA 50721 vg++/ ex+ Euro 4  
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too Late to Turn back now Lift Your Love Higher UA 50910 m- Euro 8  
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose I'm so Glad Don't ever Be Lonely UA 50954 ex+ Euro 5  
Courtships Oops it just Slipped out Love Ain't Love Glades 1710 vg++/ ex+ Euro 8 wol on both sides
Creative Source Who Is He, and what Is He to You Instrumental Sussex 509 ex+ Euro 5 wol on both sides
Creative Source Keep on Movin I just Can't see myself without You Sussex 622 ex+ Euro 5  
Creme D'Cocoa Leading Lady Mr. Me, Mrs. You Venture 106 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4  
Crown Heights Affair Dreaming a Dream Disco version Delite 1570 ex+ Euro 4  
Crown Heights Affair Love Me Dancin'  Delite 1588 vg++ Euro 5  
Crown Heights Affair Love me Dancin' De-Lite 1588 ex+ Euro 5  
Curtis Mayfield Toot An'Toot An'Toot Come Free Your People Boardwalk 11-132 vg++ Euro 5 light ring wear (rub) on both sides
Damon Shaw Feel the Need I'm Wishing Westbound 193 vg++ Euro 7  
Danny Woods Let Me Ride It Didn't Take Long Invictus 9116 m- Euro 6  
Dee Ervin I Love what You're Doin to me Love Is Good (Good to me?) Hotlanta 302 ex+ Euro 10  
Delfonics Can't Get over Losing You La-La-Means I Love You Philly Groove 150 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4  
Delfonics Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) Down Is up, Up is down Philly Groove 161 vg++/ ex+ Euro 6  
Delfonics Baby I Love You Trying To Make A Fool Of  Philly Groove 162 vg+ Euro 2  
Dells Two together Is Better than One I Wish it Was me You Loved Cadet 5702 vg++ Euro 3  
Delmonics There Goes my Baby This I Swear Newman 15508 m- Euro 10  
Denise Lasalle Now Run And Tell That The Deeper I Go the Better It gets Westbound 201 vg+ Euro 3  
Denroy Morgan I'll Do Aynthing for You Instrumental Becket 45 vg++ Euro 3  
Deon Jackson I'll Always Love You Life Can Be that Way Shout 254 vg+ Euro 15 ring wear on both sides
Dependables It's Incomplete Out in the Street again Vestpocket  vg++ Euro 35 ring wear on both sides and wol on side B
Detroit Emeralds Do Me Right Just now and then Westbound 172 vg++ Euro 7  
Detroit Emeralds I bet You Get the One Wear this Ring (with Love) Westbound 181 vg++ Euro 4  
Detroit Iron Sunshine Day Dreaming Mainstream 5519 ex+ Euro 10 light ring wear on both sides
Dianne Steinberg One more Time Gee Whiz Atlantic 3042 vg++ Euro 18  
Diplomats In the Ghetto I've Got the Kind of Love Dynamo 137 ex+ Euro 5  
Donald Byrd Dancing in the Streets Onward til morning Blue Note 965 vg++ Euro 3  
Donny Hathaway & June Conquest I Thank You Just another Reason Curtom 1971 vg++ Euro 10  
Donny Mann No more Childs Play mono Avalanche 36014 D ex+ Euro 20  
Dottie Pearson Imagine me Doing what He Wants me to Avanti 7-012 vg+ Euro 15  
Doug Haynes Oo Wee Baby I Love You mono Dakar 4508 WD m- Euro 12  
Duke Turner Give me some Sugar Baby Part 2 Spinning Top 22174 vg+ Euro 7  
Dynamic Soul Superiors Rain God Did It All Three Way 4736 vg+/ vg++ Euro 15 light ring wear on both sides
Dynamics Shucks, I Love You What a Shame Black Gold 8 vg++ Euro 8  
Dynamics Let Me be Your Friend Voyage thru the Mind Black Gold 6 vg++ Euro 5  
Earnest Jackson Love and Happiness Hogwash Stone 200 vg++ Euro 8  
Eddie Drennon Get down Do the Latin Hustle Same Friends 124 vg++ Euro 4  
Eddie Horan Man without His Woman Love the Way You Love Me HDM 506 vg++ Euro 10  
Eddie Ray Glad I Found You You Got Me Prix 7001 m- Euro 75  
Eddie Robinson I thank You Father I've Been touched Myrah 130 vg++ Euro 10  
Eight Minutes Let's Sign a Peace Treaty Take my Love Don't Set me Free Jay Pee 200 ex+ Euro 10 slight warp
Electras Nothing in the World Another Man's Woman Delite 535 vg+/ vg++ Euro 7 ring wear on both sides
Element Experience Write Your Ticket Make Yourself at Home Honey Green Eagle 314 vg++ Euro 10 ring wear on both sides
Eleventh House feat. Larry Coryell Some Greasy Stuff mono Arista 154 ex+ Euro 5 white promotion copy
Eli's Second Coming Love Chant Part 2 Silver Blue 7302 ex+ Euro 4  
Emotions What You See Is what You Get You Make me Want … Volt 4054 vg++ Euro 5 ring wear on both sides
Empulse Anytime Don't Let this World Turn You Cold Midwest 11088 vg++/ ex+ Euro 8  
Enchantment Come on and Ride mono Desert Moon 6403 vg++/ ex+ Euro 8 promotion copy
Eric & Vikings Vibrations Get off the Streets Y'all Soulhawk 1009 vg+ Euro 10 wol on both sides
Ernest Jones I Can't Live Without You  Broken Dreams  Tra Mor 1923 ex+ Euro 10  
Escorts Love Is like a Dream Make me over Knockout 10145 vg++ Euro 8  
Esquires Get on up '76 Dancing Disco Ju-Par 104 vg++ Euro 5  
Esquires Girls in the City Ain't Gonna Give It up Lamarr 1001 vg++ Euro 12  
Esquires That Ain't no Reason Dancin a Hole in the World Ricky Ridge 403 vg++ Euro 30 ring wear on both sides
Esquires Baba-Daba-Dop Ain't no Reason B and G 775 vg++ Euro 7  
Esther Phillips Home Is where the Hatred Is Til my Back Ain't Got no Bone Kudu 904 vg++ Euro 12 wol on side A; side B: vg+/ vg++
Eugene Pitt And The Jive Five Come Down In Time blank Avco 4568 vg++# Euro 35 test pressing
Executive Suite I'm a Winner now You Got it Babylon 1109 vg++ Euro 5 wol on side A
Executive Suite When the Fuel Runs out You Got it Babylon 1111 ex+ Euro 6  
Faith Hope & Charity So much Love Let's Try it over Maxwell 805 vg++ Euro 10 ring wear on both sides
Fantastics Something Old, Something New High and Dry Bell 977 ex+ Euro 7  
Ferguson, Davis and Lee Please Don't Cha' Mention Must be Going out of my Head GRT 51 vg++ Euro 15  
Final Decisions Hour of Your Need Keep on Walking Bumpshop 162 vg++ Euro 7  
Final Decisions Hour of Your Need Keep on Walking Bumpshop 162 WD vg++ Euro 7  
First Choice One Step away Smarty Pants Philly Groove 179 vg++ Euro 5  
Five Special The More I get to Know You Part 2 Teai 717 vg+/ vg++ Euro 12 sol on side A
Flaming Ember Westbound No.9  Why Don't You Say  Hot Wax 7003 vg+ Euro 5  
Flavor Don't Freeze up Instrumental Bunky 771 vg++ Euro 5  
Floaters Float on Everythings Happens for a Reason ABC 12284 vg++ Euro 5  
Floaters Take One Step at a Time I Am So Glad I Took My Time Fee 311 vg+ Euro 20  
Floaters and Shu-Ga Glass House For Your Love Fee Detroit 2080 vg++ Euro 5  
Flower Shoppe You've Come Along Way Baby Kill the Monster Spring 111 vg++ Euro 20 white promotion copy; light ring wear on both sides
Floyd Beck Show me For You Timeless 305040 vg++ Euro 75  
Fontella Bass Hold on This Time Who You Gonna Blame Paula 360 vg++ Euro 5  
Four Tops Sweet Understanding Love Main Street People ABC 4366 vg++ Euro 4  
Four Tops Catfish Look at Me Baby ABC 12223 ex+ Euro 3  
Fourth Day You Turn me on On my Way up DT 104 vg++ Euro 75 light warp/ heat damage - not affecting play
Frank Lucas I Believe It's Time to Move along Don't Put out the Fire ICA 011 vg+ Euro 5  
Frankie Floyd I'm Gonna Get You Boogie Chile IX Chains 7001 vg+/ vg++ Euro 5 ring wear on both sides
Freda Payne Bring the Boys Home I Shall not Be Moved Invictus 9092 vg++ Euro 3  
Freddie Hughes I Gotta Keep My Bluff in Natural Man Wand 1192 ex+ Euro 8  
Freddie Hughes I Gotta Keep My Bluff in He's no Good Wand 1197 ex+ Euro 8  
Freddie North She's All I Got Ain't Nothing in the News Mankind 12004 vg++ Euro 4  
Frederick Knight I Betcha Didn't Know that Let's Make a deal Truth 3216 m- Euro 6  
Garland Green Bumpin' and Stompin' Nothing Can take You from me Spring 158 ex+ Euro 7  
Garland Green Get Rich Quick You Can't Get away that Easy Cotillion 44146 vg++ Euro 5  
Garland Green Shake Your Shaker Lovin' You Baby RCA 11023 vg++/ ex+ Euro 3  
Gemini (You've Got) Something Special Everytime I See a Pretty Lady M&M 500 vg++ Euro 7 ring wear and wol on both sides; side B: vg+/ vg++
Gene Redding Once a Fool Blood Brothers Haven 7003 ex+ Euro 6  
Gene Redding This Heart  What Do I Do on Sunday Morning? Haven 7000 vg++/ ex+ Euro 3  
General Assistance I'm Looking for my Roots Cut Your Motor off Northern 100 ex+ Euro 18  
General Johnson Only Time Will Tell mono Invictus 1252 vg++ Euro 6 promotion copy
General Johnson Ready, Willing and Able All in the Family Arista 177 vg++/ ex+ Euro 6  
General Johnson All in the Family Ready, Willing an Able Arista 0177 m- Euro 5  
Genies Does Anybody Here Know how to Pray Take Me there Ronn 50 ex+ Euro 5 small wol on side A
George Benson My Woman's Good to Me Jackie, All A&M 1076 vg+/ vg++ Euro 18 light ring wear on both sides
George Kerr & Ann Robinson If You Need Me Just the Two of Us Shout 257 m- Euro 7  
George McCrae Take it All off Please Help Me Find My Baby Soul City 456 vg++ Euro 15  
George Semper Rhythm Committee Don't Be Afraid It's Your Thing Rama Rama 7799 ex+ Euro 15 wol on side B
Geraldine Hunt Now that there's You mono Roulette 7109 vg++ Euro 12 promotion copy
Gil Scott-Heron Johannesburg Fell together Arista 152 vg++/ ex+ Euro 5 white promotion copy
Girls The Hurt's still here Mark my Word Memphis 102 vg+ Euro 14 wol on both sides
Gladys Knight & Pips Midnight Train to Georgia Window Raising Granny Buddah 383 vg++ Euro 3  
Gloria Scott Just as long as We're together There Will Never Be Another Casablanca 815 vg++ Euro 14  
Gloria Taylor You Got to Pay the Price Loving You and Being Loved by You Silver Fox 14 vg++ Euro 6  
Grand Theft Disco Dancing How Could You Be so Cold Honey 1006 vg+/ vg++ Euro 5  
Greg Perry I'll Be Comin' back same Casablanca 835 vg++ Euro 6 promotion copy
Gwen Conley You'll never Know Where Am I Going Meco 5121 vg++ Euro 50  
Gwen McCrae Your Love For Your Love Cat 1989 vg++ Euro 12  
Heaven & Earth Promises I Can't Seem to Forget You GEC 1000 vg++ Euro 10  
Holidays Procrastinate Instrumental Ronhol 76 vg++ Euro 18  
Homer Strickland I'll Get over You My Grampa Told Me Jadan 777 vg+ Euro 7 stains on label on both sides; wol on side B
Hugh Hawkins You Got my Love Catch a Plane GEC 1003 vg++ Euro 10  
Ike & Tina Turner Nutbush City Limits Help Him UA 298 m- Euro 3  
Ike Turner Dust my Broom mono UA 51102 ex+ Euro 8 promotion copy
Impressions Sooner or later Miracle Woman Curtom 0103 vg+ Euro 5  
Impressions I'll Always Be Here Finally Got Myself together Curtom 1997 m- Euro 8  
Impressions Seven Years The Girl I Find Curtom 1940 vg++ Euro 6  
Intrigues To Make a World Mojo Hanna Yew 1013 vg+/ vg++ Euro 5 wol on side A
Intrigues Tuck a Little Love Away I Know There's Love Yew 1010 m- Euro 12  
Intruders I'll always Love My Mama Part 2 Gamble 2506 vg+ Euro 3  
Intruders I wanna Know Your Name Hang on in there Gamble 2508 vg+ Euro 4  
Invisible Man's Band All Night Thing Instrumental Mango 103 vg++/ ex+ Euro 3  
Invitations They Say the Girl's Crazy For Your Precious Love Silver Blue 801 vg+ Euro 6 wol on both sides
Isley Brothers I Wanna Be with You Part 2 Tneck 2279 vg+ Euro 3  
Isley Brothers Say You Will Part 2 Tneck 2292 vg+ Euro 3  
Isley Brothers Between the Sheets Instrumental Tneck 3797 vg+ Euro 4  
Jackey Beavers You Can Have Her same SSS 2662 m- Euro 8 white promotion copy
Jackie Lee African Boo-Ga-Loo Same Keymen 114 D vg++ Euro 5  
Jackie Wilson You Left the Fire Burning What a Lovely Way Brunswick 55480 ex+ Euro 10  
James Gadson Let the Feeling Belong Got to Find my Baby Cream 1014 vg++/ ex+ Euro 10  
Janice Love Forever Love Forever Love DCA 100 vg++/ ex+ Euro 6 small label damages on both sides
Jay Jay Taylor I'm not Tired yet Tell me the Truth Jewel 848 ex+ Euro 15  
Jean Shy Night Dancer mono RSO 1015 WD ex+ Euro 6  
Jeannie Reynolds Lay some Lovin on me Love Don't Come easy … Casablanca 846 ex+ Euro 8  
Jerry Washington Right Here Is Where You Belong In My Life I've Loved Excello 2327 vg+ Euro 5  
Jerry Weaver I'm so in Love with You mono TMI 115 vg++ Euro 8 small edge warp
Jimmy Bo Horne Dance across the Floor It's Your Sweet Love Sunshine 1003 vg++ Euro 4  
Jimmy Brisco and The Little Beavers Movin' on I'll Care for You Pi Kappa 700 vg+ Euro 5 wol on side B
Jimmy Briscoe and the Beavers Invitation to the World Ain't Nothing new under the Sun Wanderick 70001 vg++ Euro 5  
Jimmy Cliff Waterfall Wonderful World, Beautiful People A & M 1146 vg++/ ex+ Euro 8  
Jimmy Dotson I Wanna Be Good (to You) same Volt 4013 vg+ Euro 18 promotion copy; stains on label on side B
Jimmy Jones Ain't Nothing Wrong Makin' Love … Time and Changes Conchillo 1 vg+/ vg++ Euro 6 ring wear & wol on both sides
Jimmy Lewis Where Was He? Stop Half Loving these Women Volt 4091 vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Jimmy McKee In and Out Please Let me Love You tonight Champion 103 ex+ Euro 10 wol on both sides
Jimmy McKee I'll Be around Enticement Champion 101 m- Euro 10  
Jimmy Ruffin Fallin' in Love with You mono Epic 50339 D vg++ Euro 8  
JJ Barnes To an Early Grave Cloudy Days Magic Touch 1001 vg+/ vg++ Euro 12 white promotion copy; ring wear on both sides
Jo Armstead I've Been Turned on I'm Gonna Show You Giant 710 vg++ Euro 12  
Joe Matthews I Got Chose Cause I Love You New Moon 2 vg++ Euro 50  
Joey Dee's Sexy Lady He Don't Love You Mazel Xpress 1 ex+ Euro 8  
Joey Heatherton The Road I Took to You Gone MGM 14387 m- Euro 20 picture sleeve: ex+
John Edwards Claim Jumping Careful Man Aware 043 m- Euro 5  
Johnny Cooke You Could Have Made Me Happy The Calm before the Storm Paradox 112 vg++ Euro 10 sol on side B
Johnny Williams Put it in Motion It's so Wonderful PIR 3530 vg++ Euro 7 wol on side A
Jon Lucien Tell me You Love me How 'bout Tonight Zemajo 701 ex+ Euro 15  
Junior Campbell Sweet Illusion Ode to Karen Deram 85090 vg++ Euro 12 promotion copy
Kevin Lassiter It's my Love Instrumental Top & Bottom 409 ex+ Euro 10 ring wear on side A
King Diamond A Message to the Black Woman That's all She Wrote Power House 1009 vg++ Euro 28 wol on both sides
King Errisson The Magic Man mono Westbound 5031 vg++ Euro 5 promotion copy
King Sporty Think of You Thinking Konduko 111 vg++ Euro 12 light edge warp - not affecting play; ring wear (rub) on both sides; wol on side A
Lady Margo Nothing Better I Enjoy Loving You Cynthia 1004 vg++ Euro 6  
Lamont Dozier We Don't Want Nobody To Come  Trying To Hold On To My  ABC 11407 vg+ Euro 8  
Lamont Dozier Breaking out all over Fish Ain't Bitin' ABC 12012 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Larry Houston Everything I Do I'm Coming back to You Paula 407 vg++ Euro 4  
Larry Santos Can't Get You off my Mind We Can't Hide it anymore Casablanca 844 m- Euro 18  
Latimore There's no End Stormy Monday Glades 1716 vg++ Euro 5  
Latimore There's the End Stormy Monday Glades 1716 vg++ Euro 3  
Laura Lee Love's Got me Tired You're Barking up the Wrng Tree Ariola 7652 vg++ Euro 7  
Lauren Wood Please Don't Leave Where Did I Get these Tears WB 49043 vg++ Euro 3  
Leaders Which Way mono Volt 4078 D vg+ Euro 12  
Lee Wells The Good Things (I'll Do for you) It#s so Hard Kashe 445 vg++ Euro 30 ring wear on both sides
Lenis Guess Just Ask Me Some Woman's Bedroom Legrand 2000 ex+ Euro 25 light ring wear on both sides
Leo Lyons Set me up Baby Instrumental Fee 70403 ex+ Euro 15  
Leon Haywood Keep it in the Family Long as there's You 20th Century 2065 vg++ Euro 6  
Leon Haywood Consider the Source Just Your Fool 20th Century 2264 ex+ Euro 8  
Leon Thomas Love Boom-Boom-Boom Flying Dutchman 26025 m- Euro 50 white promotion copy
Leroy Hutson When You Smile Getting it on Curtom 1989 vg++ Euro 5 wol on side A
Leroy Hutson Love oh Love I'm in Love with You Girl Curtom 1983 vg+/ vg++ Euro 8 sol on side A
Levert I Want too I'm Still Tempre 5505 vg+ Euro 4 small label damage on side A
Limmie & Family Cookin You Can Do Magic Spider Avco 4602 ex+ Euro 3  
Linda Woods Love Bug With You Shout 308 ex+ Euro 5  
Lintons Don't You ever Walk away Lost Love Erica 5 vg++ Euro 12 wol on both sides
Little Dooley Now or Never Memories North Bay 308 vg++ Euro 7  
Livin' Proof You and I Part 2 Jupar 532 vg++ Euro 3  
Lonnie Liston Smith Get down Everbody (It's Time for World Peace) Goddess of Love Flying Dutchman 10616 vg++/ ex+   promotion copy; light ring wear on both sides 6 wol on side B
Lost Generation You're so Young But You're so True The Sly, Slick and the Wicked Brunswick 55436 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides; wol on side B
Lou Courtney What Do You Want Me to Do Beware Rags 100 ex+ Euro 10  
Lou Rawls See You when I Git there Spring again PIR 3623 ex+ Euro 8  
Lou Rawls Groovy People This Song Will Last forever PIR 3604 vg++ Euro 5 wol on both sides
Lou Rawls See You when I Git there same PIR 3623 ex+ Euro 10 white promotin copy
Lovables Take Me for a Little While You Know that I Love You Toot 608 vg++/ ex+ Euro 8 white promotion copy
Love 'N Stuff Right on, Brothers, Right on same Pride 101 ex+ Euro 5 white promotion copy; light ring wear (rub) on both sides
Loveletts Simple Song I Can't Make You Stay Doin Our Thing 104  vg++/ ex+ Euro 200 label damaged on both sides; very light warp - nap
Lovelites Oh My Love This Love Is Real Uni 55242 vg+ Euro 15 ring wear and wol on both sides
Ltg Exchange My Love (Does it Good to me) Part 2 Wand 11282 ex+ Euro 5  
Luther Ingram I'll Be Your Shelter I can't Stop Koko 2113 vg++ Euro 4  
Major Lance Gypsy Woman Stay away from me Curtom 1953 vg+ Euro 5  
Major Lance I've Got the Right to Cry You keep me Coming to You Osiris 2 vg++/ ex+ Euro 35  
Mandells How to Love a Woman I Can't Forget Enough of Your Stuff Trans World 711 vg+/ vg++ Euro 8 ring wear on both sides; small wol on side A
Manhattans One Life to Live It's the Only Way Deluxe 139 vg++ Euro 4  
Manhattans Do You ever If My Heart Could Speak Deluxe 152 m- Euro 5  
Marc Copage You Can I Turn to Will It Be Me Avco 4576 ex+ Euro 6  
Marie Green Sorry, That Number's Been Disconnected mono Buddah 494 ex+ Euro 12 promotion copy; light ring wear on both sides
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. You Don't Have to be a Star We've Got to Get It on again ABC 12208 ex+ Euro 3  
Marion Black More Love (Is All We Need) Instrumental Prix 7302 vg Euro 5 ring wear on both sides
Maryann Farra & Satin Soul Never Gonna Leave You  Instrumental Brunswick 55523 vg+ Euro 5 ring wear on both sides; slightly off-center
Masqueraders Sweet Sweetning The Travelling Man ABC 12157 vg+/ vg++ Euro 10  
Masqueraders Desire Into Your Soul Bang 4806 ex+ Euro 7  
Maurice And Mac Ain't no Harm to Moan Use that Good thing Brown Sugar 0103 ex+ Euro 15  
Maurice and Mac Ain't no Harm to Moan Use that Good Thing Brown Sugar 103 ex+ Euro 8 small sol on both sides
Mavis Staples Love Gone Bad  Beat Well Done  Phono 1051 vg++ Euro 5  
Mel & Tim Good Guys only Win in the Movies I Found that I was Wrong Bamboo 109 vg++ Euro 5  
Mel & Tim Don't Mess with my Money, my Honey … Heaven Knows Stax 160 ex+ Euro 7  
Melba Moore One Less Morning Lean on Me Buddah 535 vg+/ vg++ Euro 2  
Melba Moore You Stepped Into My Life  There's No Other Like You  Epic 50600 vg++ Euro 4  
Melvin Moore Rain Go away How Does it Feel to be … Brainstorm 1196 ex+ Euro 5 stains on label on side B
Michael Pedicin, Jr. Sonceré (Son-Cer-Re) You PIR 3700 ex+ Euro 5  
Mike & Bill Somebody's Gotta Go Instrumental Arista 139 vg++ Euro 5 stains on label on both sides
Mike Jemison Lets Bring Back The Good Times When You're around Geneva 510 vg+ Euro 6  
Millie Jackson Ask me What You Want I Just Can't Stand It Spring 123 vg+ Euro 3  
Millie Jackson Hurts so Good Love Doctor Spring 139 vg++ Euro 4  
Millie Jackson I Can't Say Goodbye  Help Me Finish My Song  Spring 170 vg++/ ex+ Euro 3  
Millie Jackson If You're not back in Love … A Little Taste of Outside Love Spring 175 vg++ Euro 3  
Millie Jackson My Man, a Sweet Man  I Gotta Get away Spring 127 vg++ Euro 6  
Minits Love Letters Follow Your Heart Memphis Sound 703 ex+ Euro 20 white promotion copy
Mitty Collier Fly Me to the Moon True Love Never Comes Easy Peachtree 123 ex+ Euro 20  
Modern Times Stompin' Crazy Legg Happy Man Golden World 115 vg++/ ex+ Euro 35 wol on both sides
Moments So this Is Our Goodbye Just because He Wants to .. Stang 5041 vg++ Euro 5  
Moments Next Time I See You With You Stang 5068 vg++ Euro 5  
Monk Higgins Treat Her like a Lady mono UA 50936 vg++ Euro 4 promotion copy
Montclairs I Need You more than ever Prelude to a Heartbreak Paula 382 ex+ Euro 15  
Montclairs I Need You more than ever Prelude to a Heartbreak Paula 382 ex+ Euro 20 white promotion copy; stains on label on side A
Montclairs Unwanted Love Beggin' Is Hard to Do Paula 375 vg+/ vg++ Euro 8 light ring wear on both sides
Naked Truth You're the One I Love Part 2 SSS 2502 ex+ Euro 6 promotion copy
Natural Four Love That Really Counts Love's Society Curtom 1995 vg++ Euro 5  
New Birth I Can Understand it Oh, Baby, I Love the Way RCA 912 vg++ Euro 3  
New Experience Soul Music stereo Ariola 7605 vg++/ ex+ Euro 5 white promotion copy; small wol on both sides
New York City I'm Doin Fine Now Ain't It So Chelsea 0113 vg++ Euro 7  
Norma Jenkins Go Home to Your Wife One Girl too many Alithia 6047 vg++/ ex+ Euro 12 promotion copy
North by Northeast Pain of City Living Slave of Society Probe 1 vg++ Euro 8  
Notations Since You've Been Gone Make me twice the Man Gemigo 506 vg+/ vg++ Euro 6  
Notations It's Alright (This Feeling) Since You've Been Gone Gemigo 503 vg++ Euro 7 wol on side A
Now Girl You Sure Turn me on Part 2 Fee 303 vg+ Euro 8 ring wear and wol on both sides
Now Girl You Sure Turn me on Part 2 Fee 303 m- Euro 15  
O.C. Smith Love to Burn Give Me Time Shady Brook 1045 vg++ Euro 4  
Odds and Ends Give me Something Who Could Doubt my Love Today 1506 vg+ Euro 7 ring wear on both sides and wol on side A
O'Jays Shattered Man LeDeDa Saru 1220 ex+ Euro 15  
Original Breed The Prophet I'm Somebody Karol 725 vg++ Euro 18  
Otis Clay Turn back the Hands of Time Good Lovin' Elka 301 ex+ Euro 6  
Otis Clay All Because of Your Love Today the Whole World Fell Kayvette 5130 vg++ Euro 4  
Ouch! You Stay in my Life Cruise 1891 vg++ Euro 12  
Ovations Don't Break Your Promise  Touching Me  MGM Memphis 708 vg++ Euro 7  
Ovations One in a Million So Nice to Be Loved by You MGM Memphis Sound 717  vg+ Euro 10  
Ovations Hooked on a Feeling Take it from One Who Knows MGM Memphis 712 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Pat & Blenders Hard Workin' Man mono TSOP 4757 D vg++ Euro 5  
Pat & Pam My Baby and I Hey Love Day Dreaming 1062 vg++ Euro 10  
Patti & Lovelites We've Got the Real Thing Is that Lovin' in Your Heart Cotillion 44161 vg++ Euro 12 ring wear on both sides; sol on side B
Patti York Where Were You mono UA 50898 vg+ Euro 4 promotion copy
Paul Kelly Stealing in the Name of … The Day After Forever Happy Tiger 541 ex+ Euro 8  
Paul Kelly Don't Burn Me Love Me Now WB 7657 ex+ Euro 3  
Penguin Feet & The Teardrop Kid Larry, Move Your Hand Instrumental HDM 504 vg++ Euro 7  
Percy and Them Sing a Sad Song Instrumental Karen 716 vg++ Euro 15 ring wear on both sides
Phil Lowman My Baby's Missing We Found Our Baby Palos 2021 vg++ Euro 15 light ring wear (rub) on both sides
Phillip Mitchell Oh how I Love You The same Folks that Put You there Hi 2240 m- Euro 12  
Phyllis Hyman Loving You - Losing You Children of the World Buddah 567 vg++ Euro 4  
Phyllis Smith The Feeling Is Gone I Need Somebody to Love Yew 1003 ex+ Euro 25  
Posse That's what Makes us Happy You Better Come on out and Play EJK 10 vg++ Euro 6  
Prince Phillip Mitchell Let's Get Wet Paying the Price Atlantic 3569 vg++ Euro 5  
Profiles A Little Misunderstanding Got to be Love Bamboo 115 vg++/ ex+ Euro 12  
Promises This Love Is Real Oh Boy BRC 109 m- Euro 40 white promotion copy; light ring wear on side A
Quadrophonics Better if You Check It out Prove My Love to You Innovation II 7826 vg+/ vg++ Euro 12 ring wear on both sides
Quickest Way Out Thank You Baby For Loving  Me Sad Love Song  WB 8163 vg+/ vg++ Euro 6  
R.B. Hudmon If You Don't Cheat on Me How Can I Be a Witness Atlantic 3318 vg++ Euro 8  
Ralfi Pagan Stray Woman Make it with You Fania 11236 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Ralph Carter Extra, Extra Disco version Mercury 73746 vg++ Euro 3  
Rance Allen Group The Wheel of Life I Belong to You Stax 3217 vg++/ ex+ Euro 4  
Rance Allen Group Gonna Make it alright I Got to Be myself Gospel Truth 1208 ex+ Euro 6 ring wear on both sides; wol on side B
Ray (the Rev.) Pettis Hello there Pretty Baby I Don't Care Dee Dee 3903 vg++ Euro 10 ring wear on both sides
Realistics You and me I Think I'll Cry out Loud Brunswick 55516 vg++ Euro 7 ring wear on both sides
Realistics You're My Sweet (Chocolate Drop) How Can I Forget You Brunswick 55497 vg+/ vg++ Euro 10 ring wear on both sides
Redbone Come and Get Your Love Day to day Life Epic 11035 vg++ Euro 7  
Reflections Three Steps from True Love How Could We Let the …. Capitol 4078 vg++ Euro 6  
Reggie Garner Traces Teddy Bear Capitol 3042 vg+ Euro 6  
Retta Young (Sending out an) SOS More SOS All Platinum 6146305 ex+ Euro 6 UK issue; small wol on side A
Reuben Bell Baby Love I Hear You Knocking (It's too Late) DeLuxe 140 m- Euro 4 light ring wear on side A
Richard Barbary When Johnny Comes Marching Home Get Right Spring 701 vg++/ ex+ Euro 25 labels reversed
Rodge Martin When She Touches Me Two Women Newark 222 m- Euro 10  
Roger Adams When Shirley Smiles Ma Marteal 67316 vg+/ vg++ Euro 10 signed by the artist
Roni Hill I Wouldn't Give You up You Keep me Hanging on Roulette 7204 vg++/ ex+ Euro 18 white promotion copy
Ronnie Limar Love Came Part 2 BRC 114 vg++ Euro 4 light ring wear on both sides
Roy Ayers Hey Uh-What You Say Come on mono Polydor 14349 vg++ Euro 3 white promotion copy
Roy Smith The Game of Life Tell Her I Love Her Green Menu 10056 vg++ Euro 7 sol on side B
Ruby Andrews I Wanna Be Near You mono ABC 12286 D m- Euro 7  
Ruby Andrews I Wanna Be Near You mono ABC 12286 vg++ Euro 4 white promotion copy; small wol and date stamp on stereo side
Ruby Lipps (At the) Roller Rink (In the) Summertime Cloudborn 3001 ex+ Euro 12  
Salt and Pepper Rock me in the Cradle It's a Beautiful World Epic 10698 vg+ Euro 5 white promotion copy; ring wear on both sides & wol on side B
Sam Dees Signed Miss Heroin So Tied up Atlantic 2991 vg+ Euro 12  
Sam Dees Fragile, Handle with Care same Atlantic 3287 ex+ Euro 75 promotion copy; east coast release
Sam Moore Shop Around If I Should Lose Your Love Atlantic 2814 vg+ Euro 10  
Samona Cooke Dance to Keep from Crying I Will Epic 50421 m- Euro 6  
September Caution I'll Go Crazy Brunswick 55524 ex+ Euro 18  
Sequins Where's Your Love Been What Makes Me Love You Crajon 48207 vg+/ vg++ Euro 10 light ring wear on both sides
Shelly Black Free & Red Hot Instrumental Vigor 1730 vg++ Euro 6  
Shirley & Company I Like to Dance same Vibration 542 m- Euro 5  
Shorr's Streakers Virgil Streakin' 74 Eastbound 625 vg++ Euro 8  
Silent Majority Frightened Girl Colors of Love Hot Wax 7008 vg+ Euro 5  
Society Train Slowly but surely Instrumental Stag 0003 vg+ Euro 5  
Sonny Charles Put It In A Magazine  The Weekend Father Song  Highrise 2001 vg++ Euro 4  
Soul On the Top of the World This Time around Musicor 1472 ex+ Euro 15  
South Shore Commision Train Called Freedom Disco version Wand 11294 ex+ Euro 5  
South Side Coalition Get off your Seats and Jam Get off your Seats and Jam Brown Dog 9007 vg++ Euro 5 sol on side B
South Side Movement Have a Little Mercy I' Been Watchin' You  Wand 11251 vg++ Euro 6  
Special Delivery Oh Let Me Know it Part 2 Shield 6307 vg++ Euro 4  
Special Delivery I Destroyed Your Love Part 2 Mainstream 5573 vg++ Euro 7  
Special Delivery feat. Terry Huff The Lonely Instrumental Mainstream 5581 WD vg++ Euro 5  
Spyder Turner Happy Days Since I Don't Have You Kwanza 7688 vg++ Euro 6  
Stanley Turrentine Evil Ways same Fantasy 790 ex+ Euro 3 promotion copy; small label damages on both sides
Steptones Your Love Is like the Rising Sun Success Don't Come Easy Fast Track 2502 vg+ Euro 25  
Stylistics feat. Russell Thompkins Ebony Eyes Betcha by Golly, wow Avco 4591 vg++ Euro 4  
Sugar Hill Gang The Lover in You same Sugar Hill 786  vg++/ ex+ Euro 8 promotion copy
Sweet Gerladine Sweet Pea Instrumental Magic City 17 vg++ Euro 12  
Sweet Sensation Surething, Yes I Do Sad Sweet Dreamer Pye 71002 vg+/ vg++ Euro 5 ring wear on both sides; UK issue
Syl Johnson We Did It Any Way the Wind Blows Hi 2229 vg++ Euro 8  
Syl Johnson Thank You Baby  We Do It Together  Twinight 144 vg++ Euro 8  
Tamba 4 California Soul  same A&M 1056 vg++ Euro 28 white promotion copy
Tata Vega I Just Keep Thinkng About You  Music in My Heart Tamla 54299 m- Euro 6  
Tavares Too Late Leave it up to the Lady Capitol 3882 vg++ Euro 12  
Temptations Ever ready Love Touch Me again Atlantic 3538 vg++ Euro 5  
Terry Collins Action Speaks Louder than Words I Love You Kwanza 7739 vg++ Euro 18  
The 21st Century You're My Only World Remember the Rain? Golden Tone 500 vg+ Euro 5 ring wear on both sides
Thelma Houston Save the Country I just Can't Stay away Dunhill 4222 vg+/ vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Tom Scott and LA Express Tom Cat Keep on Doin' it Ode 66105 vg++ Euro 4 ring wear on both sides
Tomorrow's Promise You're Sweet, You're Fine I'm Gonna Give it to You Capitol 3695 vg++/ ex+ Euro 10  
Tymes You Little Trustmaker The North Hills RCA 10022 vg++ Euro 4  
Tymes Feat. Geore Williams Someone to Watch over Me She's Gone Columbia 45336 ex+ Euro 7 white promotion copy; light ring wear on both sides
Tyrone Davis Forever Ever Lovin' Girl Dakar 4561 vg++ Euro 5  
Tyrone Davis Keep on Dancin Heart Failure Columbia 11246 ex+ Euro 3  
Tyrone Davis Love Bones Let me back in Dakar 621 vg++ Euro 4  
Tyrone Davis Just my Luck Let's Be Closer together Columbia 2269 vg+/ vg++ Euro 25  
Umoja Hang up on Your Hang-Ups Universal Love Counterpart 3795 ex+ Euro 35  
Uncle Remus Number One Soul in Flight Sansu 1010 m- Euro 30 side B: ex+
Universal Mind Something Fishy Going on For You Girl Red Coach 807 vg+/ vg++ Euro 5 light ring wear on both sides
Vee Allen Let's Move and Groove together I Can't Give You up Lion 157 vg+ Euro 7 ring wear on both sides
Vernon Garrett I'm At The Crossroad Part 2 ICA 3 vg++/ ex+ Euro 7  
Virgil Griffin Climbing La Da Da Da Da Shout 241 ex+ Euro 30 promotion copy
Vision Dead Weight Another World Landmark 102 ex+ Euro 12  
Walter Jackeon When I See You Tell Me where it Hurts Columbia 0237 vg++ Euro 7 wol on side A
We the People Left in the Lost & Found Forgotton Man Lion 148 ex+ Euro 15  
We the People Left in the Lost & Found Forgotten Man Lion 148 vg++ Euro 17  
We the Prople Right now You Made me (a Brand New World) Lion 122 vg+ Euro 5 wol and ring wear on both sides
Wee Gee You've Been a Part of me Instrumental Juney 533 vg++ Euro 6  
WeeGee Hold on (to Your Dreams) Hold on (to Your Dreams) Ju-Par 536 vg++ Euro 4  
Wilbert Harrison Lovin' Operator mono Brunswick 55511 m- Euro 5 white promotion copy
Will Hatcher Who Am i without You Baby What is best for Me Is Better … Wand 11286 m- Euro 10  
Will Hatcher What Is Best for me is Better for You Who Am I without You Baby Wand 11286 vg++ Euro 6  
Willie Tee Reach out for Me Love of a Married Man Capitol 2892 vg++ Euro 30 promotion copy
Willie West Give It Back Instrumental Timmion 716 m- Euro 8  
Wilson Williams Sho You Rite All that Glitters Ain't Gold ABC 12377 m- Euro 5  
Young Turks Looky Looky Neon Odyssey 1112 vg++ Euro 4 white promotion copy; light warp - nap; small label damage on side B